Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April Nuts

Due to the snow our next show was at the beginning of April.......The first Agility Nuts of the summer season held at the beautiful Kelham Hall.

I was judging the Agility classes on Saturday so only took Reno to run.  Can't remember exactly what happened apart from his runs were a bit all over the place :-)

Here are my courses from the afternoon -
Nursery Agility

Elementary Agility

Veteran Agility

Starters + Agility

My job on the Sunday was to Ring Manage so I had more time to concentrate on my boys :-)

Kiros is still running lovely but slowing down a bit so my timing is all over the place causing him to be E'd in the jumping and pulling him off the Dog Walk contact in the Agility.  He came 2nd in Pen's "Snakes" class and 1st in Andrew's TFO Agility:-)

Here's Reno's results from Sunday:-)

Starters + Snakes:- Judge - Pen Sensky - Reno's tunnel obsession has got worse!!!  (if I manage to post the video of his runs at Lincoln this weekend you will see what I mean) He can even find them when they've got their back to him so, obviously, this course wasn't going to suit him.  True to form he got E'd by going into the first tunnel he saw.

Starters + Agility:- Judge - Andrew Green - This course was definitely more on the + side of Starters!!!  Reno ran it really well responding to my handling and good stops on contacts so I decided to command him take an obvious tunnel after the A frame as a reward.

Starters + TFO Agility:- Judge - Andrew Green - A frame not so good this time so I put him back on.

Starters + Jumping:- Judge - Ann Miller - Clear!!!!  Not very pretty and a few battle of wills but I got him round and we came 3rd :-)

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